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About Bikexplore

Bikexplore is owned and run by its Leaders. Each of us has a passion for the places we visit and a wealth of previous experience in organising cycling holidays, mainly but not exclusively for CTC / Cycling UK. Like CTC, Bikexplore’s legal structure is that of a company limited by guarantee.

As members of a collaborative non-profit organisation, our Leaders are motivated by the challenge of planning and the joy of sharing unforgettable holidays with a group of friends – many of whom we’ve never met before! Like you we enjoy nothing more than exploring new places on two wheels – and at a human pace. In our opinion, there is no better way of getting to know our wonderful world.

Unlike businesses which demand uniformity, we celebrate difference. Each Bikexplore holiday reflects the cycling personality of its Leader, who will lead you in their own careful way, to the special places they have found, along the kinds of roads or paths they love to travel.

Enough waffle already! We understand that when choosing a holiday, you’ll want to know how each different Leader does things. So let us take you to our Leaders!


Brian Curtis

I've been leading tours for 35 years to many countries at home and abroad staying in many types of accommodation ranging from luxury hotels with vehicle support and luggage transfer to basic camping carrying all your own luggage. I will do my best using all my experience to make sure everyone on my tours has an interesting and enjoyable holiday
Brian is temporarily unavailable

Tel : 0131 669 5918

Tel : 07900 462304

Email :

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Richard Dugdale

Richard is a retired engineer who loves cycle touring and has cycled 100,000 miles over 25 countries. Richard is a British Cycling Level 2 coach, restores old bikes with a collection including a Pennyfarthing. He has lead many tours in most parts of the world and has a special interest in the Balkans, NW America, Asia and Australia.

Tel : 01200 424962

Tel : 07836 505102

Email :

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Chris Ellison

I believe tours should be mostly about enjoying yourself and having fun experiencing the local culture, scenery and people - rather than ticking off countries or getting the miles in. He says I try to give a choice of long or short rides with rest days as well on most of my tours. I try to be around when needed, and I can often be found looking after the people at the tail-end of the ride. 

Tel : 07967 584409

Email :

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David Goodworth

Dave has been one of the UK's leading outdoor instructors for many years, specialising in bushcraft and primitive survival skills, running canoe and now cycling expeditions. He recently retired as Director of PathHill Outdoors an alternative education centre which he co-founded in woodlands in South Oxfordshire.

David and Greg work in partnership

Please contact Greg

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Tony Gore

I have been combining my love of the outdoors and travelling through cycletouring for around 40 years, exploring many parts of the British Isles and Europe, as well as further afield in South Africa and the Americas. I was CTC Tour Leader for over 20 years, running 40 tours in total, 15 of which have been in Spain.  I am now well versed in this country's culture and way of life, and speak reasonable Spanish too.

Tel : 0114 255 0907

Email :

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Martin Jamieson

Together with my partner Diane I have led six tours. This includes touring Scotland north along the length of the west coast from Campbeltown to Durness and east to Thurso; and visiting all of the larger islands from Arran, to the Hebrides and Orkney. Luggage transfer is included and E’bikes are welcome

Tel : 07981 100017

Email :

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Peter and Marjorie South

Peter has been cycling all his life and has been organising tours and holidays in Spain since 1996 when he began organising holidays in Mallorca. Marjorie has been organising cycling holidays with the CTC for 10 years.

Tel : +34 687 637  053

Email : PeterrSouth@  (note 2 R's in the middle)
Email :

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Steve Millard

When on holiday, I’ve always loved to have a distant destination in mind and to cycle there taking in beautiful scenery on the way. The journey should take days or preferably weeks giving the time to linger and discover new and interesting places on the way. This is what I try to bring to my cycling holidays; a journey, a fascinating experience and a holiday, not just a bike ride.

Tel : 07805 223304

Email :

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Neil Wheadon

From camping trips to hotels and chateaus, I have led over 100 trips all over the world, many with the family but latterly to far flung locations. From 7 trips to the USA, numerous family focussed trips to the steppes of Mongolia, I cycle for the views

Tel : 01373 812035

Email :

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Greg Woodford

I like exploring new areas. I love cycling up hills and seeing the views from the top. Then whoopee down the other side.  I lead very informally, allowing the groups to form and ride at their own pace. I prefer being at the back but will often ride to the front and then chat to people in the middle.

Tel : 07508 028457

Email :

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