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About our Holidays

A worse time to launch a new holiday enterprise is hard to imagine. The usual certainties cannot apply whilst the ebb and flow of Covid-19 disrupts best-laid plans on its own irregular basis! There is little that Bikexplore, as a start-up enterprise, can do about this situation. It is likely nevertheless, that holidays will become feasible at some point during 2021. And our Leaders are making plans for if and when that happens. So the little that Bikexplore can do for now, is to let you know what we’re planning.

Our leaders’ plans for 2021 are necessarily tentative. Unless stated otherwise, these will be privately organised ‘occasional’ trips for ‘limited groups’. A holiday organised on this basis falls outside the scope of the Package Travel Regulations. So it will not be bonded. This means that if a travel restriction (or other force majeure) disrupts the holiday: any refund will be limited to your fair share of what the Leader hasn’t spent already and is able to get back. Financially, it will be just the same as if you’d made the arrangements yourself. But practically the Leader saves you the trouble of doing that. In booking such a holiday you trust your Leader to spend as little as necessary in advance of the trip and claw back as much as possible in the event of its necessary cancellation.

These private holidays and tours should nevertheless and as far as practicable, be organised within Bikexplore guidelines. Follow the links below to find out more.

In 2022 Bikexplore hopes to be able to offer a normal service of fully insured and bonded holidays. The details of that will depend upon ‘events’ and the availability of insurance against future events!

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