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David Goodworth

Welcome to my tour page


My experience and style

What to expect

Who am I?
My love of adventure has led me to live, study and travel extensively worldwide. I've now switched to leading cycle tours which are created to bring the wonder of discovery and adventuring to every new touring day. As an expert and experienced outdoor and primitive skills instructor my love of wild places, stunning views, local foods and chance encounters and the road less travelled are my key ingredients for a great tour. I've led and co-led CTC holidays, some in conjunction with Greg Woodford. We are now working together in our venture, which takes riders to the barren landscapes of the Anti-Atlas throughout the winter months.
My tour leading style

Relaxed and adventurous, I enjoy riding with the group to chat and find out who the riders are and to hear about their cycling stories. I create tours that I love riding and go to countries that fascinate me. Half the fun of being a tour leader is having the idea, then visiting the country and finding the people, routes, hotels and attractions that will come together to make a fantastic tour. I like to make sure that GPS and tour routes are accurate and daily briefings let everyone know about the plan and timings for the day ahead. Everyone feels part of the group and no-one gets left behind.

The roads I take

I really try to put together rideable routes and good reconnaissance visits are essential to ensure the best ones can be followed. Occasionally in places like Morocco a short vehicle transfer may be needed where I feel it isn't sensible to ride a particular section of road. With my holidays generally having a support vehicle and local guide I tend to favour challenging tours which are accessible to most reasonably fit riders. The tour information makes it crystal clear whether the route is paved or mixed surface, and also includes advice on suitable bikes, tyres, kit and spares.

The places we stay

I will move heaven and earth to get WOW accommodation wherever possible but in the world of cycle touring sometimes a bed and enough dinner will do. I can usually cater for everyone’s tastes as long as I know well in advance. Shared rooms are normal with limited single rooms on request at extra cost.

Where do I go?

I run many of my tours in collaboration with seasoned Bikexplore tour leader  Greg Woodford and you will meet me assisting on many of Greg’s tours. I will be concentrating on Morocco, a country I know really well with fixed centre, mixed routes and possible bikepacking wild camping happening late in 2021. New High Atlas routes are under construction and should roll out in 2022. Sardinia, Turkey, Portugal and End to End France are also possibilities for the next couple of years. I live on the edge of the Chilterns where a bikepacking weekend event is in the pipeline, along with some weekend staycation mini tours of the area too.

Contact Details
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